Millions know what it is, do you, or are you still asleep?

Millions of people are revolting...

All over the world there are demonstrations and more and more people are rising up. It is no longer about small groups of people, but about thousands. Thousands of people who disagree with the corona measures and are concerned about the future. These large groups do not consist of provos and the unemployed. There are scientists, doctors, old military and police officers. Teachers, owners of companies. People from all walks of life come together to make their sound heard. They don't look the other way. They don't wait patiently. They are very concerned about the freedom of themselves, their loved ones, and you and me.

This has nothing to do with the disobedience of these people. In principle, they do not feel heard. For more than five months people feel unheard and ignored.
Meanwhile, it's only the big mega companies that are kept up. It is they who are at the top of these cooperatives who sit at the table with world leaders. These companies that make millions of citizens are now silent. Don't you wonder why they don't raise hands? Why they don't do anything!

The dissatisfaction is not based on any theory. The theories that exist have become, first and foremost, a way of blaming something for the world in which we ended up. Although the virus would be a real danger. The measures cause much more harm. They're not proportional.


New World Order is a name for an alleged conglomerate, made up of companies, businessmen and politicians, that would strive for a world government with the aim of a totalitarian takeover of power. Follow the money!

A world whose financial system has been exhausted for years. Completely bankrupt! A reset that is being worked on. Not to promote your prosperity and well-being, but to maintain power. To attract even more power to them and ensure that you can only atted/buy what they want to offer you.

Whatever the agenda will actually be. A population that is unheard of and oppressed will rise up. Looking away from that is as if you look at a country with dictatorship in the past and say, 'well, that population should not do so as possible.

 Anyone who later says “We did not know” should be ashamed of this relentless attitude. When there are other Heads of Government everywhere, do we believe them blindly? Has mankind learned nothing from history?

How far do we let it get?
What world do we transfer to our children and to the next generations?


I see journalists get hit by ME'ers and cops and screaming they're from the press. I've seen how older people are dealt with with with brutal violence. Everywhere around the world where there is a Corona regime, we see the same problems arise. No politician has bothered to speak to these people with empathy. No open debate, no rapprochement. Only attention is paid to the big scary corona monster.

Thousands of doctors and scientists who want to wake up the world. Indicate that they are “wrong”. That they're wrong. A drug that is banned while it has been frequently proven effective. Companies that destroy the measures. 

Absurdly high fines and everywhere in every “corona” country you can see how politicians, police/me and even military and others crucial professions that are normally so vital to our society do not follow the rules. 

This is about a fair percentage of the population per country. They did not get sick and they contribute to maintaining a world of contradictions. They help directly and indirectly. They are part of an ever-growing problem.

Democracy only when the people can actually see and experience that democracy as a democracy. When an ever larger group of the world's population feels oppressed, is it not time to really think about why they experience it so?


How is it that everything that's happening now has been documented? Like a playbook is being used? Do research yourself if you don't realize that there's a lot wrong. That there is certainly every reason for concern. Agenda 21 and Agenda (20) 30. Read about lock-step and realize that there are documents that have been created by existing organizations. Organizations that big powerful people are behind. The richest in the world. Wonder why a Bill Gates knew to predict everything. Wonder why this man invested in vaccine makers years ago. One why there are patents on “corona” test kits that were applied for years ago. Where things are so predictable and there is such a cyclical structure. When there is so much randomness in what is and can not and can be done per period. When there's so much contradiction. When figures do not match the measures taken.. That really doesn't make you think?

It's time to wake up massively and realize that this is not about our health. It's no longer the right thing to keep your mouth shut. Wherever you are in the world. It's time to get up. Time to speak out. Time to take back our freedom and enforce the great revelation of the truth. Time to see how the world really works. How we've been kept stupid for decades. A new time is coming! It can be more beautiful than ever or dark! Wake up and stand up for your rights and those of your loved ones and relatives. The oppression worldwide must stop.