Dear Yoorsians,

It's very quiet on my part after my last (not so) positive post. I tested positive for the coronavirus on 6 February. It all seemed to be easy. A tickle in my throat/nose, partner positive.
If it stays with this, I thought, you won't hear me complain.

It didn't stay with it. That night, the fever started. Screeching high, chills, fever and more chills. I haven't been so sick before, and most importantly: so long!

After a week, I couldn't stand on my legs. Showering myself couldn't work anymore, I didn't get out of my bed. I then asked a number of people for radio silence. I really needed all the energy for myself. My GP kept in touch daily, the hospital came into the picture as a real option.

We are now on day 13. I can stand for short moments again, the hospital is far (down) away, the GP is there when I need it.
I would be in Iceland now, when everything had gone according to plan. sadly. Hope to be back in the summer.

Dear people, thank you for your messages, I read them, maybe not always respond directly, but I haven't forgotten you. I'm just very sick. I'll be back, but that'll take a while.

Until then: take care of yourself and please stay healthy!!


Minor update from me.