67 Winter knutsels!

Heb jij ook inspiratie nodig voor een leuke #winter knutsel? Kijk dan eens tussen al deze leuke blogs  van Yoors, en laat je inspireren! Klik op de afbeelding en lees verder om aan de slag te gaan! Veel plezier!!!

Iglo bouwen-knutselen

Dieren in de winter

IJsbeer van ijslollystokjes knutselen

Ijsbeer van stokjes door de Knutseljuf

Herfst winter lente zomer

Kinderknutselfantasie seizoenspotjes knutselen

IJsberen knutselen

Ijsbeer van een bordje-De Knutseljuf

Hoe werkt snelle #Winterknutsels maken?

De Knutseljuf deelt met ons snelle knutsels!

Sneeuwpop/ Olaf

Sneeuwman knutselen

Janine Wijnberg deelt met ons deze sneeuwpop die je met propjes maakt.

Sneeuwman bowling

Tips&tricks deelt dit leuk idee

Sok sneeuwpopjes


Sneeuwpopjes maken

Lichtophethart deelt dit leuke idee!

Winterse Sokpoppetjes

De Knutseljuf deelt winterse sokpoppetjes

Hoe werkt een #Winterkrans met sneeuwpopjes maken?

De Knutseljuf maakte een leuke winterkrans


Janine Wijnberg


Kijkdoos/ wintertafereeltje maken


Een winterse kijkdoos die je zelf kunt maken met je eigen fantasie-door: Vlinder32

Sneeuw knutselen

Winter creaties

Hand gemaakte Winter creaties

Dit zijn ook hele leuke wintercreaties die het goed doen buiten! Door Millieballon

Een leuke winterkrans

Een leuke winterkrans: door Deb-jongedijk.

Vogels voeren in de winter knutsel

Vogel bollen zonder frituurvet

Of ga samen met elkaar vogelbollen maken voor de vogeltjes buiten! Door :Veronique

Winter tekenen/kleurplaten

Kleurplaten pinguins

De Knutseljuf Ede

3D Tekening Sneeuwpop schaatsend

Je kunt gaan tekenen d.m.v. 3d tekenen. Zie hier de sneeuwpop gemaakt door de Knutseljuf Ede.


Winter Haken

Ideetjes in de kou

Winter traktatie


Een gezellig Winters boek is: Winter met Jip en Janneke! Geschreven door: Annie M.G. Schmidt Uitgeverij: Querido

Bekijk het boek hier.

Een leuk boek die kinderen vast heel leuk vinden is Gruffalo Winternatuur Speurboek! Geschreven door Julia Donaldson. Uitgeverij Lemniscaat.

Bekijk het boek hier.


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Cosplay Tips for Beginners
Although I am still definitely within the 'beginners' category, I have already learned some things the hard way in the meantime and by sharing them here I might be able to help the next beginners avoid having to face the same difficulties. Therefore, here are some cosplay tips listed: - Are you going to a convention in Cosplay?? Try taking pictures at the beginning of the convention. At the end of a day walking around in such a crowd, it may be possible that your cosplay doesn't look as radiant as it did at the beginning of the day. This can be about simple things, like a wig that starts to fall off or makeup that starts to run out a bit, but with some bad luck there might even be something broken on your Cosplay. Hiding it during photos certainly creates an additional difficulty. - Pay attention to comfort! This one is quite important and is also often overlooked. Before you go to a convention, wear cosplay for a longer period of time, walk around in it, sit down.. Feel if you can move and if something isn't poking, for example, because wearing the outfit that pricks your ribs can even lead to wounds and we certainly don't want that. Also, do not forget to pay attention to the shoes. The character you cosplayt wear might be high heels, but if you never wear them in your life, you don't suddenly go to a convention to walk around on it all day.. A good idea therefore is to take the heels for photos, but while wandering around at the convention just go for more comfortable shoes. - Don't forget to do some makeup tests before you go to the convention. Not only is the exercise important so that you don't ruin it on the day itself, but also take a look at the makeup in different light. Who knows, it will look great in your bathroom, but as soon as you're in real sunlight, you'll see that it makes you paler or just more pink than expected. So experiment with that makeup a little bit, especially if you - just like me - have no experience with makeup. - Practice poses in advance for photos. This one is more important than I expected actually. Because suddenly there's someone who wants to take a picture of you in your cosplay and then your head goes empty. How should I stand? Where do I keep my hands? Therefore, practice some poses beforehand and do not be afraid to look at reference photos of the character you cosplay. Try out the poses, take some pictures without having to wear the cosplay, see if it looks good, if you might need to adjust some,... Most people are not used to posing and then it quickly feels very uncomfortable, exercise makes that burden a little lighter. You know what you want and how to do it, so you will come across more confidently. - Think about the practical things in advance. A ball gown looks great, but driving on one is often difficult. When will you put on your cosplay? Which parts can you put on in advance and still move easily? And also think in advance how you will go to the toilet. You don't want to stand with an almost snapping bladder and still have to figure out how to get to the toilet with that big ball gown or that bodysuit. - Do not compare yourself too much with other cosplayers. Who knows, they've been doing this for ten years now, logical than their costumes look better. Everyone started somewhere! Instead, let their costumes inspire you, maybe even learn from. Ultimately, you have undoubtedly put a lot of work into your costume, so you can be proud anyway! - Have fun! Keep it fun and airy and just enjoy this fine, creative hobby. Talk to like-minded people about the things you like, go to conventions with friends, share your work,... Hopefully, with this list of tips I have already been able to help some people who think of starting in Cosplay. If there is an interest in more specific tips on how to start cosplay, I might also try to list. Also, there might be a sequel if I have experienced and learned more things. Have fun in your cosplay adventure! #cosplay #cosplaytips #CosplayForBeginners
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Prevention Talks
#education  #health  #gezondheid  In 2019, following the recommendations of the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO) belonging to the Organization of American States (OAS), joint work was carried out between the Ministry of Health and Education. This day had specialists in general medicine, nutritionist, dentistry, optometry. Among the activities carried out, the following were achieved: vaccination control, visual screening, oral health talks, height and weight control for more than 1,300 students from our institution.These are evidences of the talks given at that time. Charlas de Prenvención En el 2019 atendiendo a las recomendaciones de la Organización Panamericana de la Salud (OPS) perteneciente a la Organización de Estados Americanos (OEA), se hizo un trabajo mancomunado entre los Ministerio de Salud y Educación. Tal jornada contó con especialistas en medicina general, nutricionista, odontología, optometría. Entre las actividades realizadas se logró: control de vacunación, despistaje visual, charlas de salud bucal, control de talla y peso a más de 1300 estudiantes de nuestra institución.Estas son evidencias de las charlas dadas en ese momento.