Monstera Monkey Leaf Holeplant

A while ago I was in a garden centre to have a nice little snooping around. Of course I saw a lot of plants there, but one particularly struck me, the hole plant! The Monstera Monkey Leaf! What a funny plant that is! You have them as a standing plant, but also in hanging plants. I think they're very beautiful! Of course I took a picture of it:


The plant with monkey leaves turns out to be very easy to keep alive! That sounds like music to my ears! Although I have (originally) green fingers, but haven't had time to keep my fingers green for years, very easy plants have been spent on me.

He can stand anywhere and survives almost always. He prefers not to be in full sun, but he can. If you do put it in the sun, he could get some yellow leaves when the soil dries out. If you water it again, the leaves will become dark green again. Handy, right?

Do you also want such a plant and do you like to let it grow up yourself? Then get a spot from neighbor or family member. This plant can be propagated very easily, so that we can all enjoy it. Cut or cut (with sharp knife, not a serrated knife), a piece of the plant, ie a leaf with stalk, to which there is also a piece of “air” root. The plant is a creeper or kind of climber, and searches through those carrots things to cling to, say. Well, you probably get it!

Then put it in a glass of lukewarm water so that the carrots can grow, or you immediately put the cuttings in moist potting soil. That's all!

Below you can see a little experiment in which the Monstera is starched in 3 different ways:


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