Mother's Day Gift Crafts

Today I was on a voyage of discovery with a beautiful paint.. Pearl paint. It is a paint that gives a soft pearl shine on what you paint. I was curious about that.. I love this shine!

The paint is easy to apply and gives the beautiful soft pearl shine when drying up..

Nice idea to make something out of it. I had two beautiful hearts lying at home. I was going to use it to try the paint.

What do you need?

- Styropor hearts

- Pearl paint from Creall

- Thin long satay sticks

- Glass jar

- Chenille thread in beautiful colors

- Wooden beads, 2 large and 2 small

- Sponge

- Tassels

- Sisal material for decoration

How to make it?

1. Paint these hearts in 2 colors. Allow to dry per colour { je kan een föhn gebruiken om dat te versnellen}

2. Make a glass jar well greasy by washing it off with soap and then dry thoroughly

3. Apply a 1st layer of Pearl paint with a brush {van boven naar beneden}

4. Then, when dried with a sponge, apply the paint by stamping

5. Allow the jar to dry well

6. Paint the wooden beads in 2 colors and allow to dry on a stem of a brush or on a satay stick that you put across a pot.

7. Meanwhile, go 3 colors chenille wire braids. Do that time 2, so that you get a long braid

8. Wrap a green chenille thread around the satay stick that has inserted into a heart at the bottom.

9. When they're both ready, put them in the pot

10. Twist the long braided chenille thread around the neck of the pot

11. Put 1 knot in it and thread the 2 different beads at the ends on each side.

12. With decoration sisal you can dress it further.

Nice as a gift for Mother's Day. You can also change it to, for example, Easter. Use that styropor eggs that you paint in all kinds of colors.

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