Movable Olaf crafts with cups and straws

A fantastic fun craft for the real Olaf fans! This Olaf is not only standing like a snowman, but also moves! This cute craft came Ineke van der Linde on the internet and she decided to make it herself with the children! Do you read how it was made?

What do you need:

- Cardboard cups, foam, wiggle eyes, white bending straws, adhesive tape, brown paper, wadded pads, marker, glue.

How do you make it?

1. Take 3 white bending straws. At the middle bending straw, hold the bending piece at the top. At the 2 outer bending straws the bending piece at the bottom.

2. Stick the 3 bending straws together with the bending pieces.

With adhesive tape

3. Draw on 1 cardboard cup that you turn upside down the face of olaf. You can draw the whole face with a marker or choose to make the nose of a piece of foam.

4. Measure 4 cm from the edge and puncture on the “weld seam” a hole through which 1 straw can pass.

5. Then do this exactly right opposite on the other side of the cup. See the pictures.

6. When the straws are pushed through the holes, they can act as arms. Try out the “mechanical” by moving the middle straw up and down.

7. When the mechanism works, glue another cardboard cup at the bottom. Before you do this, you must first make a hole in the middle of this 2nd cup, through which the middle straw will stick.

8. Now you can choose to stick another paper arm (color brown) on the straws. And some hairpins on top of the head. Then your Olaf is all set.




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