Groovetrotters - world music percussion theatre

The Groovetrotters - a percussion theatre for the entire family

Johannes Bohun and I met each other for the first time in summer 2012 while teaching at the Austrian Percussion Camp. We discovered that the rhythm language konnakol from South India and body percussion were a great match. As well as our sense of humor and passion for music. We share the idea that rhythm is a universal language.


In our show we tell the adventurous story of the "Groovetrotters" without words. We only communicate via rhythm.  A globetrotter is someone who travels around the world.  We created the groovetrotters  - two characters who travel through music and through different cultures and their respective rhythms and grooves.

Johannes and me come from different backgrounds. We both added our own rhythmical "spices" to the music of our show. We created a bridge between for example traditional South Indian rhythms and the urban sound of New York's subway stations.

Our grooves are contagious! In our performance we invite our young listeners to join us in stomping, clapping, singing and dancing along. Our audience experiences music actively in a fun interaction with the Groovetrotters.


Below you can see a jam session with my buddy Johannes in Austria. Enjoy the rhythmical delights served freshly by the Groovetrotters!

Fotocredits: Petra Brüderl, Igor Ripak