My Challenge with Watercolour: Day 3

At the moment, I am going to challenge myself to create a project with watercolor for ten days, a completely new material for me. I choose subjects from the nature around me.

For the past two days, I chose safe for my feeling. I used the material as I would with acrylic paint or pencil. Create and color a drawing. Only this is what I want? I know there's more to get out of the material. While reading and looking on the Internet, I realized that I am indeed very safe. I am already so busy with the end result, while I like to learn to work more looser and faster.

So today we went to work differently. On the Internet I saw that much more was being worked out of forms and not by putting on a pencil first. Also, wet layers flowed over each other.

Oh, that's kind of tricky for a dick just like me.

Ultimately not a complete piece of work, but a good practice and wise lesson to myself richer.


There is another new challenge on the agenda for tomorrow. This time on larger paper that is already taped ready.