My first post yoorsworld in

As a newbie here, the adventure always starts with a first post. Without first post, no content is it?

If you're not familiar with Yoors, it's very complicated. Polish, hashtags, likes and hearts.. how do I earn money and which post will yield the most? I hope to get a look at how everything works with this first post. What do likes, what do hearts and are all the other features here.

But a first post is not a first post if you don't introduce yourself. So with this one, I'll start with that... or actually end with it.

My name is Bas Bakker, 32 years young and I'm a proud bus driver. Wonderful fun profession! Actually, I am a HBO graduate front-end developer (making websites) and I had the bus as a side job. But soon I noticed that the world of making websites wasn't my world. A lot of overtime for nothing, sometimes I had 8 hours of my own time in a project. Just before the deadline, the call was made to thank me for the commitment, but the project was no longer going on. My own 8 hours was for nothing and the boss had been paid. Apart from this, I quickly noticed that I was going to miss the bus, so switching from front-end developer to full-time bus driver was a logical choice!
Besides my work, I'm a hobby photographer. I enjoy nature or old city centres and old historic villages that are rich in our country. Curious about my content? Then follow me!