My first teddy bear video on youtube! :) Z

My first teddy bear video on youtube! :)


Home is where my teddybears are.

I want to thank everyone here on Yoors who supported me in the idea of starting a blog (and/or) vlog for the teddy bears. Doing both would have been very time consuming, so I decided to make just the youtube videos for now.

I have lots of ideas, like showing you the bears, the new arrivals, naming them (and giving them their medallion with their name on it), about their clothes, washing them, etc. There's alot of fun things to take about when it comes to stuffed bears, for sure! :)

Anyway, I had to start somewhere, so I thought it would be best to start with an introduction video. Here it is, I hope you all like it!

PS: If you would like to see more teddy bear videos from me, please subscribe to my channel and comment under the video that you subscribed. That way I can thank you! :)