My name is Lightning

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Hello everyone
I'm going to tell the story of Lightning
How he came to us at such a young age

It's May 26th
I had to work with a client that day with my sister
so we come there and would go to work I come there and it turns out that a mama cat in the barn had a litter of babies but mother was shocked when we came in and ran very fast down the road where a car with screeching tires comes down the street and yes mom cat is on driven and storage dead .
I called all the authorities and I get told you have to call the animals ambulance and then they come into our shelter but because we are very busy and full, I think they get a syringe at the animal doctor to put them out of their misery.
I as an animal lover super angry of course and definitely said something about it and I decided with my sister to raise the babies myself and give them a good house with us
Today they are with us for 10 days and they are doing great
for me, this isn't the first time I've been raising babies
What does that look like of such a small baby kitten every two hours you offer the bottle until they are two or three weeks, then there is more and more time in between feeding, urinating and defecating, they also do not do it out of their self, so for every feeding you have to stimulate that so that they will urinate or defecate and do that you also go to any food, this ask all the time of you
So you are constantly busy with the baby
When they are about 10 days, the eyes open, but it also wants to happen that with day eight, the eyes are open with these kittens, it seems like the upside down world
First the teething came through, normally it is only when they already have the eyes open, but here it is not the other way around, the hearing is therefore getting better and better
At the beginning they don't see everything that takes a while, but ghosts can already see them
from day one we kept a feeding schedule to see if they also grow well, so every day at the same time on the scales on day one was Lightning 175 grams and on day two 150 grams so it had fallen off . No disaster, we just carry on feeding every two hours, also in the night, because yes, that is very important
Yes, on day three, he had gained a lot of weight to 180 grams. Of course that was a relief, say, and on day four 195 grams it is going in the right direction and today it is already 281 grams so yes this baby is doing more than well and I am really happy with that
In the beginning I told my daughter, darling, listen carefully, we have to wait and see if he makes it and the first 48 hours are very crucial, if he survives that, everything will be fine and it will be, we are already on day ten that he lives with us and because it is so great he gets his last bottle at eleven o'clock in the evening and only then again at six o'clock in the morning
normally you should feed every four hours at night

Well, folks, I hope you enjoyed it and have fun watching the pictures