Mystery Quilt 2017#6 - Clue 5 / @QuiltvilleMystery - Zus van de Doppen

Every year my favorite designer Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) starts a mystery quilt. Everybody all over the world can sew along for free and I’m one of the many participants.

My introduction to this mystery quilt can be found HERE.

I decided to make a throw size quilt for my sister, to match the colors of her wall hangings. And because she is my sister, the working name for my quilt will be “Zus van de doppen” (Dutch for sister of the caps - don’t ask, it’s something between my sister and me).

This week we are making flying geese as clue 2, but in a different color: brown / white. Easy enough.

Only I don’t have time to sew this week – grandchild no. 3 has arrived and we will be away from home for a few days to meet him.

He is adorable! Unfortunately we are not allowed to take him home with us. Who would have thought that? ;-)

Of course he also got his own quilt, all cotton with a warm flannel backing.

After returning home and celebrating Christmas together with my husband I’m counting the blocks I have sewn so far:

Clue 1 – done
Clue 2 – 90
Clue 3 – 20
Clue 4 – 10
Clue 5 – 30

 I’m off from work this week, lets see if I can catch up a bit.

A few days after releasing a clue Bonnie gives all participants the opportunity to share their progress by submitting a picture on the dedicated Mystery Link-Up page. It’s a great way to see alternative color ways some participants are working with. Did you take a look already?


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