Mystery Quilt 2017#8 - Clue 9 #QuiltvilleMystery - Zus van de doppen - make your own border templates

Every year my favorite designer Bonnie Hunter (Quiltville) starts a mystery quilt. Everybody all over the world can sew along for free and I’m one of the many participants.

My introduction to this mystery quilt can be found HERE.

I decided to make a throw size quilt for my sister, to match the colors of her wall hangings. And because she is my sister, the working name for my quilt will be “Zus van de doppen” (Dutch for sister of the caps - don’t ask, it’s something between my sister and me).

This time I don’t use scraps but yardage. Therefore, cutting squares and sewing the parts together makes no sense for me. I could just cut a strip of fabric of the correct height and use the companion angler ruler to cut the sides.

I only need a template to make sure the pieces are large enough.

This is how I made the templates for the large border triangles (not the corner pieces).

Please note: this is an example, I’m NOT using the sizes as mentioned in the pattern.

Take a piece of paper and cut it to the size as mentioned in the pattern.

Note: Do not use the rotary cutter you use to cut fabric; cutting paper will dull your blade. I’m keeping dull blades just for cutting paper.

I just took a random size as example.

Then cut it in half diagonally.

Put the two halves next to each other, pretending preparing to sew them to each other.
I have drawn the ¼” seam allowance in red. If you sew these two halves together, the seam allowance would fall to the back.

Cut both seam allowances off and lay both pieces against each other, pretending the two parts having been sewn together. Use some tape to keep them in place.

Now take a smaller piece of papier for getting the size of the top triangle that needs to be cut off. Bonnie describes exactly how to do that in the pattern.

Put the smaller triangle on top of the large template and use a ruler to cut off the top part.

Use the same method to make a template for the corner triangle, only don’t cut off the top!

It’s time to cut & sew those border pieces!

Cut a strip of fabric, using the width of the template.

Put the template on top and use the companion angle ruler to cut both sides. You will have one piece matching the template and one small triangle you cut off at the beginning of the strip. Put that aside for now. Turning the template upside down, cut another border piece and continue until the end of the strip of fabric.

In my case I could sew the small cut off triangle at the end, allowing me to cut one more border piece with only half an inch to cut off. Practically no waste! In the picture below you see backs and fronts of the first four finished border pieces. You can see where I attached the cut off beginning triangle.

Before sewing all pieces first check if the size is correct. According to the pattern the border piece should be a bit oversized, and that is the case. I could adjust the template if I wanted to…. But I didn’t.

I’m pinning all pieces on my “design wall” (a sheet attached in front of two book cases). As soon as all units are finished I’ll sew everything together.

I think I have done 1/3 of the pieces so far and love to see it grow. What do you think?


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