De Opperdoes is niet voor de poes

Het is weer aardappelen tijd
we halen de Opperdoes erbij
Elisabeth kookt ze met vlijt
Het is weer aardappelen tijd
het gerecht wordt met passie bereidt
liefhebbers staan er voor in de rij
Het is weer aardappelen tijd
we halen de Opperdoes erbij

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DIY Puzzle of tools
A cheap way to create an educational puzzle and game for your children is to cover objects! For example, use toy tools to practice shapes and colors. You can learn to sort with it and the circumsetting itself is good for motor skills. Of course, this can be done with different types of toys! The outline of tools could fit the theme of occupations You can then also let the objects color, cut out and make them a nice work of art, on a canvas cloth for example. Nice as a gift for Father's Day or for birthday handy handlers! The photos were sent in by Saf van Little Messy Hands, check her page HERE for more fun and educational activities and tips! Making tool case for Father's Day of egg boxes incl. template - Read more Knutselset toolbox toy tools set for the little handymen Would you like to post a comment below or give a like? That would be fun!Please sign up first (free) at Yoors: - Free registration with Yoors #puzzle #puzzel #diypuzzle #gereedschap #kinderpuzzle #kleurenleren #vormenleren #beroepen #speelgoed #schuur #vaderdag #klusser #timmerman #creatief #kleurplaten #kleineklussers
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The pictures I'm most proud of!
That was quite a bit difficult to choose, because I am proud of many of my pictures... But there are two that really stand out a bit, and they are made very shortly after each other. I sat in the garden, looking at all the flying life around me, and noticed that a Bumblebee got very excited about our Digitalis (Foxglove). The Bumblebee flew into one flower after the other, and began to buzz harder and harder. Fortunately, I had my macro lens camera at hand quickly, and I was able to capture the Bumblebee Yoga exercises quickly: May I present to you: the Downward Facing Bee In order to stay in good balance, we also take this attitude the other way! After which a graceful Flower Greeting was carried out. And then Mrs. Bumblebee flew away happy buzzing. Pictures of course taken with my Olympus OMD EM1. #yoorsapril2021 #hommel #macrophotography #digitalis #foxglove