Plastic verrassing

‘Ik zie dat juffrouw Slangster wonderen heeft verricht.’ 
‘Ja, die drukpuntmassage was precies wat ik nodig had,’ lacht de soepschildpad. ‘Alle rotzooi kwam er zo uit. Kijk toch wat een vreselijke plastic nachtmerrie ik heb uitgepoept.’ 
Dokter Zeester knikt. ‘Dat is een behoorlijke hoop. En ik weet precies waar we die hoop gaan dumpen. Volg mij.’ 
Nieuwsgierig waggelt de schildpad achter de zeester aan. Bij de vloedlijn komen ze een vogel tegen. 
‘Mag ik je voorstellen aan mijn vriend, de zeemeeuw. Hij heeft zich bereidt gevonden om een boodschap af te leveren aan de mensen.’ 
‘Met alle plezier,’ zegt de zeemeeuw. ‘Hoog tijd dat we terugvechten.’ Met zijn poten grijpt hij de plastic troep, die de soepschildpad had uitgepoept, bij elkaar en vliegt over een druk terras. Vervolgens laat hij zijn plastic verrassing over de hoofden van de aanwezigen vallen. 


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Master of the dark arts, using necrotic forbidden magic to raise the dead. On the opposite spectrum of Holy magic necromancy and blood magic is frowned upon by any magic wielder. Mostly practiced in remote places where it is not seen, this almost uncontrollable school of magic is unpredictable and can bring things back to life which is better left dead. Bending the will of the dead to create armies to fight for you and inflict deadly diseases upon others. This necromancer has mastered it’s art and has even become undead himself. #drawings
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Work in progress: The mandarin duck
About two months ago, it happened spontaneously. My heart started beating faster and I was sure, the spark had jumped over. I was in love. In love with who then? You're happily married? Yes, so don't worry. I fell in love with the so beautifully colored mandarin neckline that was @Encaustichris amazingly beautiful photographed was. Oh, how nice it seemed to me to draw them with pastel pencils. Consent from @Encaustichris I had quickly received, but because the pastel hits my lungs I had to wait for the nice weather and oh what can wait then take a long time. Mandarin ducks spotted in our surroundings! - Love Happiness - Of course I could also just make it with colored pencil, but I kept hesitating, because oh I had it with pastel pencils in my head. It allows you to create wallpapers, work layer over layer, and it works much faster. An article in a magazine brought the solution. A couple of two mandarin nies would bring love happiness. Mandarin noons are monogamous. Once they have found a partner, they are inseparable from each other for their whole lives. Therefore, this duck is the perfect symbol of loyalty and good marriage. Oh says my, who was finished with my grumbling, so you just make two. And that's how I got to work. But what a nice collar has that beast. So beautiful, but so laborious. That's really going to be dash by dash, but oh how nice to see him grow at every dash. It'll be a while before it's finished, but it's being prosecuted. And in the meantime I am already working on a pastel pencils with a beautiful background, because yes Noos once has something in her head....