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Nature and Environment Education for everyone!

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In my student period I did the Biology Teachers at the University of Applied Sciences Utrecht, specialising in Nature and Environment Education. As a graduation subject, I examined the 0 - situation of a nature reserve (Nienheim van the Utrecht Landscape) where the river could meat again, and where nature could take its course again. For that I also made search cards and gave education to primary school - students.

All learning activities on nature, ecology, environment and sustainability are covered by Nature and Environment Education. Often it is a very practical form of Education, because everyone learns best by DOING! The idea here is that Knowledge provides more involvement with nature, which is very much needed. Respect, knowledge and commitment lead to more sustainable use of our nature, and it also makes the liveliness and solidarity better! WIN WIN WIN.

Ecological basic education is fortunately one of the core goals in primary education, and the lessons within the school are also covered by NME. But the nice thing about NME is that you can go outside and get experienced! All forms of information and participation in nature, heritage and living environment belong to NME.

IVN, Provincial Landscapes, World Nature Fund, National Fund NME and Natuur en Milieu have been active for a long time with activities and information centres throughout the Netherlands. And what about Freek Vonk, the zoos, the petting zoo, lots of Museums and open farms? NME for everyone, really not just for children.

Unfortunately, many organised projects have been cancelled at the moment (autumn 2020) in connection with Corona. But remember that everyone can discover nature! At the various settings I mentioned above you can also request fun information packages with which you can go into nature yourself (with children)! Enjoy and discover in Nature and you are already busy with NME!

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