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Dark Corner

Dark Corner

There you are, in the corner
My heart choked a little
A pale wreck
A cornered little spider, hoping to blend in with the darkness
Hiding yourself
Having no more dignity
Where has your pride gone?
Where is the fire?
Is there nothing left?
Your eyes stare, but they don't see.
You feel only sadness
Self pity
Where has your pride gone?
You no longer resemble the person I once knew
He has long gone
It's a lifetime ago
I don't even know you anymore
Did I ever?
Will you hide forever?
Remain a little spider?
Run away from everything?
And most of all, from yourself?
Where has your pride gone?
You are flushing with the drain
Alone, in the darkness
That darkness you created
The loneliness you created
No one will save you
You taught me

You have to save yourself

~ Annelies Wetzelaer ~

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