The Queen's Gambit

I tend to look for mysteries, suspence, thrillers all those type of series or movies. If I am not watching one of those, I am watching comedy.
This weekend, I decided to give "The Queens Gambit" a try, I had been avoiding it because it is classified as a drama. I got so hooked on it that I finished the series in 2 afternoons.
The character was so interesting, the actress played her role very well in my opinion. It had me checking google to see whether it was a true story- it's not, the series is based on a book.
I found myself cheering her on, but at times just wanting to shake some sense into her.
If you are into chess, you may enjoy it even more. I don't understand chess at all, but found myself interested in the characters journey with chess, but also her life story. 

Have you watched it? What were your thoughts?
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