Never create and play with Caterpillar

A super fun activity that children can do is easy to make yourself. It's based on the Caterpillar Never enough. The caterpillar that has to eat a lot to become a butterfly of course.Ineke van der Linde created this activity for guest parent care. Children can thread through a leaf a caterpillar of caps through it. Good for the motor skills and a fun way to do in combination with reading the book of Caterpillar Never. And the material used for it is all low budget and therefore good reuse!

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Writer:Eric Carle

Publishing house:Gottmer

Ineke explains below how she made this:

- Draw a sheet from the book by Caterpillar Never! I used cardboard from boxes that contain milk packs in the store.

- Draw some holes in the sheet. To do this, use a number of caps as mold. Draw these over with a pencil. I used caps from Icetea bottles.

- Cut out the round holes.

- Put a few blobs of yellow paint and 2 kinds of green paint on the sheet and smear it!! This creates a nice fresh leaf.

- I colored the blue cap with green permanent marker something about it. Caterpillar Never exists in the book of several shades of green if you look closely.

- The blue cap is from a milk canister.

- With a puncture pin opposite each other, pierce holes in the caps. Stred them together with a string. In the red cap, pierce 2 extra holes for the antennae.

- The antennae are made of a piece of pipe cleaner.

- Nose and mouth are marked with sharpie marker.

- The eyes are stickers I colored.

Tip:Of course, it can also be done with smaller caps or beads.




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