No rash from the ultrasound of my knee

Yesterday I got to get an ultrasound at the hospital of my left knee. On the inside just below my knee there's been a bulge for several weeks. That lump doesn't really hurt, but for a few days I have a burning pain in my popliteal fossa up to my buttock and shooting pains in my thigh and thigh. This is mainly on the left side, but also on the right I have slightly that burning pain. Right is my lymphatic edema leg, but I've never had these complaints before.

During the ultrasound they mainly looked at my left knee, but also the right one. Maybe as a comparison. She could not say anything about it and I would get the results either today (Friday afternoon) or Monday. I just called the general practitioner, but unfortunately nothing is known yet and according to the assistant it will be Monday at the earliest.

The pain has decreased slightly, but I swallow paracetamol and in case it gets worse I have naproxen with stomach protector. I'll get through the weekend, but I'd like to know what it is. Still, I doubt if something comes out of the ultrasound, but I still have to wait a few days.

The picture is of my feet. On the right clearly visible my lymphatic edema.

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