Nostalgia: Memory of the cuckoo clock

In the last few months,I sometimes look at Facebook in nostalgic groups,such as Nostalgia newspaper , Old memories and Things from the past - Yes.

I can also get enthusiastic about the contributions of @1960 -1980 here on Yoors.


By approaching the commemoration of my father's death,I also hit the nostalgia mode again- Yes.Especially when a photo like this from my photo directory appears as a screenshot of the day on my laptop.

Then I naturally have to think back to childhood memories,how artful some timepieces used to be- Yes.For example,this cuckoo clock,in our house on the wall- Yes.Every hour you heard that wonderful sound of the cuckoo! And counting what time it was...

Nostalgia goes clockwise; did you know that...? Even when you look back,you live in the here and now- Yes.The progressive insight of a clockwork.

The keyword in this month's 140 words challenge led by @Dewaputra is work of art - Yes.

I wrote this short contribution.


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