On a world trip... Paris...

Sunday 28 February 2021...

It might sound really crazy.. but I have a thing with Paris.

When I was a kid, I used to get there with my parents, but that's not the reason I'm involved with it.. To me, Paris somehow feels familiar.. as if I lived there or lived in a previous life. It feels good, I know my way around pretty well and I like to be there. So very nice to take a trip to Paris... I'm taking you in tow to Paris today, but about 12 years ago..

My daughter who was then 5 years old and I left very early in the morning by TGV to Paris... Normally I'm not such a hero in traveling alone and certainly not with a child of 5, but this time was different. At that moment I wanted to get away, away from my daily things, alone with my child.

We went on an adventure together.. and it was a fun trip or rather, a fantastic trip.

Photo: Eiffel Tower... Unprocessed... made by my little one...


It is equally steady to the top and also some stairs walk but the Sacré-Coeur is really worth it. Did you know that this church owes its beautiful white color to the rain?

It was built with a limestone that produces a fine limestone every time it rains, so it stays so white.

Photo: Sacré-Coeur... Montmartre.. in the foreground my little girl...

Shopping in Paris is also a fun activity, but even more fun is to visit the Galleries Lafayette, enjoy the incredible beauty of the glass dome and then head to the roof to enjoy the spectacular view and possibly have a cake because that is possible on the cozy roof terrace.

Photo: Eiffel Tower in the distance...


Visiting museums is usually also on the schedule.. Among other things, we visited the wax museum Musée Grévin. What is similar to Madame Tussauds in London and Amsterdam. Not really surprising since Grévin was once a pupil of MarietusSaud.

Photo: Elton John at the piano... playing a Quatre mains with my daughter

Hopefully you enjoyed it as much as we did..

On to the next destination..