On adventure, Shaka and his friends. (sequel to flight of Robben Island)

Originally I was planning to tell different stories from Robben Island. But since I write a part every week, it's up to my hands to make the story come about. Apparently, I'm stuck in Shaka's story, and I promise you I'll return to Robben Island, but when? I don't know!

Last week, you read Shaka was banned from the village. He had actually saved his mother's life, but nobody knew.

He's got to save himself now!

(photo by MaraMichelle on pixabay)


Shaka runs to the fence. He screams, jumps, swings his arms. But even though he clearly sees people walking, the reaction remains out. No one, no one sees him. Or, they pretend they don't see him.

Shaka is despondent down on the spot in front of the gate. What should he do? How's he supposed to move on?

In any case, he must try to save his leopard. He can protect him in times of need.

Shaka walks back into the forest and sees the animal lying. Not an inch away from where he broke off the attack so abruptly earlier.

With all his knowledge of medicinal herbs, wound care and the little psychology that has lingered from the classes, he takes care of the animal. Now and then he hears a moan, a beep. And sometimes, very sometimes a look. For a moment, the eyes will close again.

When Shaka is done with what he can do now, he goes to a cabin not very far from this place. He used to play here with the other boys from the town. Inside was a rug, and that was exactly what he needed.

With difficulty and very carefully, the injured animal was put on the rug. Then Shaka dragged the animal to the hut with all his strength. Here, in the shelter of the hut and with the help of a fire, he could keep any robbers or scavengers at bay. In the hut lay another bow and a few arrows. Shaka should save himself here.

Soon by noon, boys will be coming from the village and then he can explain his story.

It was indeed noon, but no one appeared. Shaka started to get hungry. A few blocks on the fire provided protection for the leopard, which, in his situation, would still be too weak to leave.

Armed with arrow and bow no Shaka on the road. There had to be animals to catch here in the woods. Shaka looked a lot, but somehow they were wary, there was a kind of tension in the air that sharpened the nerves of the whole forest. Shaka shot, and shot wrong. Again and again looking for his precious arrows.

This wasn't going to work. Today he should make it without food. But he walked on to the lake, a little further away. Out of the cabin, he had brought a bottle. He would use this to quench his thirst and carry a small supply with him.

When he returns to the hut, he sees dark stature standing between the leopard and the fire. Speears are lifted!

No, No! Don't do it!

Terrified, the stature looks back.

His friends! They came anyway. By nightfall, they left town.

“Shaka, we can't help you, we've slipped away, the oldest is really furious!"

The boys have food, arrows and a few bows and spears with them.

“And then you? What are you going to do? "

“We're going with you, into the world, adventure!"