The world is ailing with so much strife and pestilence. Fighting, immorality and every other wickedness are the norm of the day. The Covid-19 pandemic and Ukraine-Russian war have taken center stage claiming many lives and destroying livelihoods.

Psalms 91 is one of the most powerful psalm for protection that offers hope, peace and confidence during such trying times.

God assures us of His protection and deliverance if we remain in His presence, love, trust and acknowledge His power and might.

Why is there Suffering in the World?

This is because it's a fallen world that groans in suffering and awaits deliverance from corruption.(Romans 8:21-22)

When we experience pain, sicknesses and other hardships, God promises to be with us. He gives peace and strength during tough times. Despite all that is going on in the world we need to hold on to His word for encouragement and renewal of faith.

Abiding in God's Presence

Those that develop a close relationship with God, find security in His fortress of love, care and comfort. (Psalms 91:1) He draws near to those that seek Him and draw near to Him. They sustain this friendship by constantly connecting and communicating with Him through:

a)Living in obedience

Obedience is better than sacrifice and brings blessings. God requires that His people keep His commandments and live a life pleasing to Him so that they can enjoy His blessings and succeed.

b)Reading and understand the bible through revelation of the Holy Spirit

The word of God is not just words that should be read like a story book. It contains secrets and mysteries that are revealed through the power of the Holy Spirit. These truths provide solutions and answers to problems in life. Thus, its important to read, understand and know the word of God by heart for guidance and direction.

c)Praying from the depths of the heart

You are encouraged to avoid praying hypocritical prayers for show off. Instead submit to God and let His will be done.

d)Praising and worshiping Him sincerely

Praise and worship is a powerful connection to God, it opens up the heavens and brings God's presence.

e)Listening to Him and keeping His instructions

God speaks in different ways such as dreams and visions, His word and His prophets. Pay attention to what God is saying and follow His instructions because He speaks with purpose not for the sake of talking.

f)Serving Him whole heartedly without tiring

The bible teaches that you can not serve two masters, neither can you be lukewarm, either you serve God or the devil. When you chose to serve God, you should do so faithfully without giving up. Even if people don't appreciate you and repay you with evil for doing good, stand with the truth. God will vindicate and reward you. Only seek the approval of Jehovah and not men because He is the one who has ordained and sent you to do His work. Therefore do His work diligently.

g)Spreading the gospel of Jesus Christ

Jesus Christ has commissioned Christians to spread the good news to all the corners of the world and win souls to the kingdom. Teach the gospel with firmness and boldness without any fear or doubts as it is the truth and the life.

Psalms 91, One of the Most Powerful Psalm for Protection

In Psalms 91, God reveals His truths of protection and deliverance. It is one of the most powerful psalm for protection against all evil where God promises:

a)Saving from traps, temptations, unforeseen dangers and deadly diseases

God promises to deliver you from dangers that you even did not know of such as traps and deadly diseases. The enemy secretly sets his nets so as to catch you unawares but God destroys them and keeps you safe.

b)Covering under His wings of safety

Just as a bird protects it's young ones with it's feathers, God offers refuge to those that trust Him whole heatedly and run to Him for help. (Psalms 91:4)

c)Preservation with His faithfulness

God's faithfulness never fails and lasts forever and ever. (Psalms 91:4)

Psalms 91:5-6 describes God's faithfulness as a shield and rampart that blocks the arrows of the devil such as deadly illnesses and horrible things. This faithfulness removes fear from such terrors.

d)Punishment of enemies

God punishes evil doers. Instead of revenging on your foes, God requires you to forgive them because He will avenge for you.

Just commit them unto the hands of the Lord and He will deal with them.

e)Safeguarding of homes

He will protect your homes against any attacks or disasters. (Psalms 91:10) Always cover your homes with the blood of Jesus Christ which no evil spirits can withstand.

f)Release of His angels to uphold

God has His armies of angels to guide you so that you do not fall into trouble. (Psalms 91:11-12)

g)Victory over forces of darkness

God has given you power and authority to trample upon snakes, scorpions and all evil spirits. (Psalms 91:13)

h)Answering prayers

God listens and answers prayers. His promises are yes and Amen.

i)His presence during trials and tribulations

God will not abandon you during difficulties. He will be with you through the storms and fire and will not allow you to be tempted beyond what you can handle.


In Psalms 91:15, God affirms that He will deliver and honour you.

k)Rescue from premature death both physically and spiritually

He will protect you against plots to kill you before your time or before fulfilling your purpose.(Psalms 91:16) He will preserve you so that you can love to see His goodness.

l)Reward of eternal life through Jesus Christ

Through Jesus Christ, you receive the life of God which is eternal. Salvation in Christ delivers your soul from eternal condemnation.(Psalms 91:16)

Psalms 91, is one most powerful psalm for protection that you can meditate on, know by heart and declare over your life and trust God to surround you with His hedge of protection.

Here is a video of Psalms 91 that you can pray over your life for God's protection.

One Of The Most Powerful Psalm For Protection