Orchideeeenhoehoef Luttelspirit:

#ORCHIDEEENHOEVE : At the end of the year a visit to the Orchideeen Hoeve in Luttelgeest is doubly worthwhile. In the midst of the #Noordoostpolder , about 100 kilometers from Utrecht, lies the Orchideeën Hoeve. A place where temperatures always #tropisch be. Where, in addition to orchids, you also encounter fish, monkeys and other animals and where a tough #binnenspeeltuin is. We were allowed to visit and I would like to take you into our experience.
Arriving at the Orchideeën Hoeve you enter the central hall. Nothing here indicates what you're about to experience. If you bought a ticket via the internet, you must have a stamp on your hand at the information desk. With this stamp you can walk in and out all day. Due to the tropical temperatures you can hang your jacket in the wardrobe (please note: unguarded and at your own risk). If you have a stroller with you, you might want to put your jacket at the bottom and take it inside. After the central hall you come to a large shop with, how can it be otherwise, orchids in many shapes and sizes. If you do not have tickets yet, you can purchase them at the checkout in the store. Even then, you get a stamp on your hand.