Pageview Reward Stopped

Pageview Reward Stopped Immediately

In the last 3 years of Yoors existence, Yoors rewarded every page view that was generated. So far I have paid €69,554,01. But over time came to the conclusion that this is not the way for Yoors in the longer term. You can read this above. In short, all evil things that happen on other platforms such as data collection, addiction orientation, polarizing algorithms and so on are all related to generating page views for the advertiser.So the conclusion was: If Yoors really wants to be different and really good, we have to get rid of that. With this one!


From that moment of insight we have been working hard to develop all the alternatives that are there today such as the hearts, the pools, the boosters, Pay Per Post, Fairshare and soon a subscription model. In it you see a search by me and my team for real interaction and real appreciation of each other's work.


In the coming time I will be handing out a number of fun and focused boosters to reap the benefits. We also come again with a beautiful December Challenge so that beautiful content is made and rewarded.

We close a Yoors chapter and start a new one. It's good to have you here!

Good luck! Henkjan #Yoors