Paints hands and feet

With young children it is very nice to be with #handafdruk or craft footprints. It gives a special effect and it is immediately a personal stamp on the craft! At the toddler group ofNaomi Geuchiesthey've been nice busy. A butterfly is made and a flower pot with a hand of flower.

What do you need?

- toilet rolls

- paper


- coloured paper

- chenille wire

How do you make it?

1. Stick a toilet roll with craft paper and glue {it can also be painted of course}

Children can use their fingers to make dots on the colored toilet roll

3. Paint a foot with the colors as shown in the photo

4. Make a print of the base by pressing the paper against it and allow to dry

5. Cut out these feet. Stick them on the toilet roll and attach the antennae of the butterfly with chenille thread.

Flower pot with hand flower

What do you need?

- brown paper

- playcorn

- damp cloth or sponge

- paint

- stapler

How do you make it?

1. Draw the flower pot on brown paper

2. Children paste the flower pot with playcorn. To paste use a damp cloth or sponge. Because play corn becomes moist it can stick.

3. Paint a hand as in the picture and make a print by pressing a paper against it. Leave to dry

4. Cut out the hand all around and do not attach it to the flowerpot.

All these ideas can be expanded with different animals, vehicles or objects. Did you make such a nice idea with this? Then comment with a photo and I'll put it here!

This has been submitted byT.v.t. And here are the wings of an airplane made of handprints.

Cindy Castlesent this fun craft in. In the ageof0-2 yearswith the Theme: Who am I?

This cheerful colored chicken with chicks was sent in byInek-Gerrits-Bekker.

Host parentIneke ofder Lindesent in these nice pictures.Ineke tells:Making a sheep and a chicken from a dyed hand is not a new idea. Maybe making grass with a satay stick doesn't either. Quite special (I think) that this happens independently by a girl of just 3 years and 1 month. Today 1 to 1 tinged with her.

Make cheerful sheep..

Delicious painting your own hand.

Everything happens with full concentration..

On the left hand side of the picture drawn by the child himself!

Marouk Oosterholtsent this nice picture in: This painting I made with my niece a few years ago, for my sisterher birthday. With, as you can see, print of my niece's feet like owls

Nick and Chantal Schaap ofDongen: I just made this with our children 😄 (feet of our youngest and hands of the other 2) but also very nice to make with 1 child!

Brenda Levi Nackensent it in: Made for Father's Day only make a poem together with my guest parent child of 2.5 made

Naomi Jonkerssent this photo below in the theme of spring/itchy animals.

Naomi Jonkers: Butterflies, flamingos,... Pretty simple to make with the smallest, but also the oldest in our shelter still like to make such crafts! 😊

Naomi Jonkers:Crafts for Father's Day!

Sent in byMarianne Vijfwinkel: Our Father's Day gift

Nice winter birdhouses with a bird that is naturally made of a handprint. Sent in byAgneta Almoes!


Nice footbees sent in byKelly the Mole

Father's Day rocket feet sent in byKristel of Assche.


Caterpillar Never enough with handprints sent in byMonique Marijnissen.

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