Paints with tape

Does it seem fun to you, too? To do something with your child for your living room?Chantal did that to her little girl. The technique has probably been seen more often: Paste a text with #tape on a canvas. And on that canvas you can use the colors of your choice to color the canvas with paint. Choose a text that appeals to you. This can be a name, a special nickname, or a short sentence. Chantal chose a short sentence: Home Sweet Home. Below she tells about it.

Chantal Britt Demitells:Today we made a painting for the living room. It is already a familiar thing, but still maybe fun as inspiration?? My daughter really liked it anyway. And she's totally proud that it's hanging in the living room.

How do you make this?

1. Draw a text on the canvas and paste it with washi tape.

2. Let your child paint the canvas in the colors you like.

Gradually, the surface fills with all the colours. All white spots get a paint tan!

4. Allow the paintwork to dry well

5. Now take off the washi tape carefully... and your artwork is done!

So you have something in the room that you've worked on together and are proud of... how fun is that?

Chantal Britt Demionce again shared an activity with tape and a painting. They made a work of art together. It is colored with markers and crayons. And there is also painted. They have foam stickers, feathers, buttons etc. on the pockets of black tape. This tape just stays in place. And according to Chantal, it was this day: “leftover day” So all kinds of craft materials they had left were put up meaningfully. Smart idea is!

On the right you can see canvas artdiy CraftsHandimania.On the clickable link below you can get countless inspiration with this way of making art.

Get inspired here!

Janssens Geertruimade it with the children and used the name of a child for this.

Marion De Vries-Heerdinkmade this: With baby of just 2 years made today. We made “her letter”. She's proud.

Here also a nice example of a text with tape on canvas. Sent in by:Jolien van Pollaert:Made with my daughters of 4 years and 15 months.

Around Father's Day, the children ofStephanie Scholts,also nice tape paintings with a daddy text in it!

Louise Cierssent in this nice contribution: Done a few weeks ago with people with mental disabilities. And whether they were proud of their results!

This nice contribution came in from:Simone Janssen.

Simone tells:

I finished my eldest son's children's party a few years ago. He turned 6, super fun and not difficult. Help the kids with tape sticking and let them get creative. Nice all different results.

On Crea with Kids these 3 beautiful canvas tape works were sent in byRia Wamper-Verbouquet. 3 Totally different works with a name in glitters. They worked with a mudguard at the 1st and 33 and the middle wanted to keep the tape right. What nice effects again!

Jessica Vander Heydensent this nice version in:

I made this the other day with my 1.5. Very easy & super beautiful!
I just bought a white canvas in the action and made 'LOVE' with paper tape on it. He was allowed to paint with a paint brush & with his hands. When it is painted, carefully remove the adhesive tape and let it dry. This is the result 😉 maybe something fun to craft about Mother's Day 😊

Sabrina Jansensent this craft in her host parent shelter:

She tells:This has become the end result. Unfortunately, on some parts the paint has got under the adhesive letters. I pasted a canvas, drops of paint on it and foil over it and the little one from 6 months could rub😁

{Mother is Chinese which is why it is in English}

Nathalie Mensinksent this in: These are the kids made at me (1 out of 5 who are finished)... paste daddy with tape... paint everything in the color you like... remove tape... and then paint or paste something like decorations on it... whatever they want.


Today I have with the kids (6j and 3j) tinkered around the theme dad day, but dad we changed this time to OPA.. Kids liked it super.


- painter canvas

- adhesive tape

- paint & brushes

Whoever will make or use it as inspiration, have fun!!

Paint art inspiration:

Need paint?

Practical set of 12 tubes 20 ml acrylic paint from the Amsterdam Standard Series. You can use the colors purely, but you can also mix them among themselves. The versatile paint has excellent lightfastness, so the colour remains as beautiful as on the day you applied it, even after decades. You can dilute the paint with water, and you can just rinse your brushes with some water.

Check it out here

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