Parrots Toys DIY

In my blog about bored I wrote that sometimes I make some super simple toys for our parrots. With that I aroused curiosity, because what do I make? The weather is now a lot less, so a great opportunity to get back to work in our storage room. Besides that we store our bikes there, I have a workshop where I make some simple parrot toys.

Picture 1 are foottoys and what it already says they can handle them well with their paws. These usually swing around in their cage or the living room.
Photo 2 are fourangeer toys. In nature, parrots spend about 6 to 8 hours a day searching for food. In the living room they are often offered a tray with food and are therefore ready very quickly. So they could get bored, with all sorts of annoying consequences and in this way we try to recreate the search for food and they still love it. These are made of blue caps that my girlfriend gave me. I drilled a hole in it and hid some strings and a nut in it.