Pasta met kip, spinazie, champignons en boursin (recept)


400 gr pipe rigate ( pasta )

3 kipfilets


1/2 pak bladspinazie ( à 450 gr/ diepvries )

1 pakje boursin roomkaas Ail & Fines Herbes 150 gr

1 bakje kastanje champignons

50 gr pijnboompitten

6 zongedroogde tomaten.


Snijd de kipfilet in blokjes.

Maak de champignons schoon en snijd in vieren.

Snijd de zongedroogde tomaten in dunne reepjes en ontdooi

de spinazie volgens de bereidingswijze op de verpakking.


Kook de pasta volgens de aanwijzingen op de verpakking.

Verwarm een wok met een scheutje olie en bak de

kipfilet blokjes bruin op hoog vuut.

Voeg de champignons toe en roerbak enkele minuten.

Doe nu de spinazie erbij samen met de roomkaas.

Schep zachtjes om.

Voeg als laatste de zongedroogde tomaatjes en de pijnboompitten toe en verwarm nog eventjes goed door.


Schep de paste in een diep bord en schep daarop de saus.

Garneer eventueel nog met geraspte kaas.

Eet smakelijk!

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Yoors Music Challenge - Dreaming My Dreams
#yoorsmusicchallenge #yoorsmusic #cover #thecranberries #pianomuziek #solopiano #zang #yoorsoriginalvideo  Hello all! Last night I was chilling and listening to some music. I came across the song Dreaming My Dreams by The Cranberries and I hadn't heard or listened to it in a while. So I played it. Then I got behind the piano and started practising the song. Then I went to see if I could do something creative with it for the Yoors Music Challenge. Yesterday a Yoors member asked me if I was going to sing when she saw one of my music videos that I had submitted, because that nice microphone was ready for use, so to speak. I had never sung and played at the same time. I tried once, but never succeeded until today. This morning I thought: what if I just take the plunge? Whether it sounds is of course the question, because I am not a singer, I did sing in a gospel choir once, but I haven't sung in years. Yes in the shower and sometimes for fun when I hear music, but never in real life and never singing alone and certainly not when I play. I've thrown all the bears on the road aside and you can watch and listen to the result in the video below. A cover played and sung by me of The Cranberries. The song Dreaming my Dreams in a different guise. Just a small note. I'm in development and the video doesn't quite match the vocals, but I've done my very best for the first time and without any technical background, but I hope you can see and listen through it. I am an amateur and hope to learn a lot. Kind regards, Madeleine