Photo-inspiration part 2

Evening photography, the blue hour

A picture of theWilhelmina Bridge about the IJssel in Deventer. A Bridge to far is part recorded here, Deventer is also a very photogenic city; -)

A picture like this MUST be taken on a tripod, or at least with support of a fence or wall. Because you're with along shutter speed must work that is necessary to avoid blur of motion!

Deventer Town Hall! The windows are the fingerprints of residents of the city itself. Many people love it, many people also think it's a terrible building in the old town!

If you put a building on the picture from below, you getbias, the vertical lines run towards each other towards the top of the picture. This picture is'straight-drawn'in photoshop to make that right፦)

Deventer Festival City.

Deventer On Stelten, an annual festival where world acts give great performances for a long weekend. A beautiful free festival throughout the city center!

In this picture you can see that perspective reinforces the 'on stilts' theme. Most acts are literally on stilts! If you then go from a layerposition , with only air as a background, you can see that feeling even more in the picture!

Technically, this picture here and there is somethingoverexposed. I think it's okay, it brings me back to the atmosphere and feeling of that day, actually of the whole summer of 2018, sun, sun, sun and warmth! Also during the Deventer festival 'Deventer On Stelten'

Are you also looking at my photography tips? I'll help you get away from “fully automatic” shooting!

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