The Universe is a painter - no. 1


First entry in a series of photos and texts focusing on the sky's full spectrum of colour and mood


Waking up before the world does. There's no feeling quite like it. As darkness gives way to light you alone bear witness to the miracle, and for one magical moment it is possible to believe time lies smooth on your lap like a newborn kitten. You are overcome with hope as the rush of possibility runs through you from head to toe. In that very second you believe in rebirth. The kind that takes place when slumber leaves the body and you awake into the newness of your own skin. Of consciousness as it was in the beginning of time, before the slow pouring of hour upon hour took its toll. This is the gift of the early hour. The lifted veil. The telescope of your mind pointed upwards, seeing yellow and orange and blue and green as if no eyes had seen such colours ever before. As if yellow and orange and blue and green had been invented that morning at moment your eyes fell upon them, your spirit still soft from sleep.

#photography #writing #sunrise

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