Challenge: Photo Words January 2021

So here is my first attempt for the photo word challenge.

Lovey and Dovey were sitting in a tree.
Lovey was talking and talking and talking.
Dovey couldn’t get a word in.
Lovey was going on and on about something about humans, or a virus or something like that.

Dovey wasn’t really listening anyway, he was too busy day dreaming about the action his friend parrot got at his new job.
He also wanted the chase, the adrenaline, the feeling of being a hero at the end of it all.

Suddenly he heard Lovey clear her throat in the way she usually did when he wasn’t responding as she expected. “So what is your view on all this?”

He wondered what she was on about, oh yes something about humans… “What does it matter really? They are humans and we are birds. Lovey, have I told you about Parrot’s new job?"

“Yes you have over and over again!”

“But did I tell you that he gets to drive an ambulance?”

“Yes Dovey, you have over and over again!”

“But did I…”

And that is when Lovey decided to quite him up, because if he told her that Parrot was now a parrot-medic once again she may not be responsible for her actions!

This story was inspire by a joke my daughters told me.
“What kind of bird drives and ambulance? – a parrot medic"

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