Teresa Seia´ s Samie; my version


Saimie, a minuscule monkey, was happily jumping in a park. All of a sudden, he saw two big, enormous eyes and stopped amazed. What a cute and strange little being! He was moving a lot, but he didn´t jump like Samie. He seemed quite happy, though, and was making many bubbling sounds. Another being, a bigger one, was pushing the vehicle where he sat.

Suddenly this bigger one fell, and did not rise again. People started to gather, and Saimie jumped to the vehicle looking around furiously to the crowd-he had to protect the little one, he didn´t seem capable of it. All of a sudden, two hands stretched to the vehicle and Saimie's reaction was immediate: his teeth sank into one hand, and a man screamed. Everyone looked. The man ran away.

The woman started moving. She looked bewildered.

-Should I call an ambulance? Asked a man.

-No, no, I just fainted… I live there (she pointed to a house).

With the help of the others, she managed to rise up. She looked around and when she spotted the child, grabbed him, pushing the monkey away, horrified.

"No ma’am, you shouldn´t do that. A brave little monkey this one is” the same man told her what had just happened, when no one else was paying attention to the child.

The woman screamed. Then, unexpectedly, she hugged the monkey so tightly that Saimie almost choked. Holding him strongly near her chest with one arm, she started rolling the stroller with the other. Back home.

Saimie had found a family.