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There is a very nice picture book with a very nice story about theBromtroll. The book outlines a situation that will certainly evoke a form of recognition in children. In your life, of course, you have to deal with various misfortunes. The way you deal with it also determines whether you can learn to deal with it. May I introduce you to: The #Bromtroll ?

The life of the Bromtroll is not about roses... it is about all sorts of things that are not in his life. The cabin he wants to build collapses... And if he wants to pick an apple that doesn't fall out of the tree... Then make paper boats, which can float on water... but that also fails and the boat sinks... De Bromtroll is losing his patience and this also has a lot of influence on his friends. Of course, being angry is not easy for his friends. What does the Bromtroll have to do to make up for his friends?

This picture book story is written by:Barbara van Den Speulhof. The beautiful illustrations come from:Stephan Pricken Black. The book is published by:Veltman Publishers BV.

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The little troll tries to build a hut, but that stupid thing keeps collapsing. The apples don't want to fall out of the tree and the paper boats all sink... That makes the little troll very angry. Really angry. He's humming about it. He's a mock troll! One day his boyfriends will have enough and they'll pack their bags. Can the little troll make it up to you?

Author:Barbara Van Den Speulhof

Illustrator:Stephan Pricken Black Black

Publisher:Veltman Uitgevers B.V.

If you've read this beautiful book, then it's time for a nice matching craft. Below you can see the step-by-step plan to make your own Bromtroll.

There is afreetemplate: You should firstsavein a folder on your computer {you can start printing}

What do you need:

- Template Bromtroll

- Kitchen roll of 18 cm

- Wobble eyes {oval}

- Thin sturdy cardboard

- Creall black acrylics paint

- Brush

- Creall Silky crayons

- Knutsell adhesive/ Glue gun

- Scissors

- Blue and black wire

- Brown craft paper

How do you make it?

1. Print the template and color it in {accentuate with marker}

2. Stick the parts of the Bromtroll onto cardboard and cut them all out

3. Paint a paper towel black and let dry

4. Place the Bromtroll on the black kitchen roll

5. Stick around the hair on the Bromtroll {blue black}

6. Stick the wiggle eyes on





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