Pigs in the mud - from popsicle sticks

Mother pig has had six babies.

That in itself is not so much, because did you know that a sow gets about 10/12 piglets on average? There are also pigs that get 16-18 piglets! A pig has only 13 or 14 nipples (teats), so there is no milk for some piglets! Pathetic, huh? But don't worry, if there are too many piglets, the farmer can put a few piglets with another sow, which also has young piglets.

And then another wistudatje (Did you know?): A female that hasn't had any piglets, is called agelt. GELT. Well, I don't knock it, you know!

Make these piglets yourself! What do you need?

  • Wooden popsicle sticks natural
  • Pink acrylic paint, or a pink lacquer marker (acrylic lacquer in a marker)
  • Wobbly eyelets (or white paper, then draw eyelets on it with a black marker)
  • Pink cardboard, felt or foam rubber. Cut ears from them and stick them behind the stick
  • Pink buttons or small pink circles of paper, for the nose. Or sign them!
  • Pink chenille thread (bendable pipe supports), curl them first around a pencil, then glue from behind
  • Scissor and glue (this one from Tesa is easy, which has a very sharp yield spout) but another glue can also be used.

Piggy in the straw.

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