Wilde appels plukken

Zoals velen inmiddels weten ben ik een wildplukker geworden.

Naast  kruiden en planten pluk ik ook bessen.

Toen ik bezig was met het verzamelen van vlierbessen viel mijn oog op een aantal oude appelbomen.

Ik plukte toen een paar kilo kleine appeltjes.

 Vandaag ging ik weer naar diezelfde plek  en ik zag dat de appels veel dikker geworden waren. 

We hebben 3 emmers vol kunnen plukken.

Mijn beide zoons gingen mee zodat de appels die hoger hingen ook geoogst konden worden.

Er lagen heel veel appeltjes op de grond waar insecten op af kwamen.

Hoog in de boom hingen de mooiste appels.

Deze appels ga ik in partjes snijden en drogen in de droogoven om er later in het jaar van te genieten als snack.

Er was genoeg te plukken en er bleef nog genoeg hangen.

Deze wilde groene appels zijn erg zuur maar kunnen goed verwerkt worden in appeltaart of appelmoes.

Thuis hebben we de oogst gewogen en het blijkt dat we 15 kilo hebben geoogst, super!

Gratis biologische appels uit eigen omgeving!

Daar geniet ik van!

The Portuguese laurel cherries: a real insect blocker!
If you love living in your garden, make room for a Portuguese laurel cherry in your garden. In spring (from late April to somewhere in June) this hardy plant blooms with flower bunches of over ten centimeters. The flower bunches scents delicious, making them attract numerous insects. I sat there for about 15 minutes and photographed numerous visitors. As you get closer, a cloud of buzz rises up. But if you sit down for a while, they'll come back. Then if you move very carefully, you can get quite close with a camera. Especially butterflies and bees tend to fly away, but return when the coast turns out to be safe. More of my little paradise ? https://yoo.rs/mygardenvideo-mijn-kleine-paradijs-deel-1-1620894356.html?promotionId=877&Ysid=35575 #naturephotography #photography #nature #garden  
A woodpecker nest discovered!
Oh, how happy we are! Yesterday we were on the road, when my friend called me and said, “Listen?” A truck passing by made me not hear anything, but a little later I heard! The sound of young birds, hungry young birds. And when I looked into the tree I was standing next to, I saw a perfectly round hole. Woodpeckers!! My friend, who is an excellent spotter, has discovered a woodpecker's nest! There may be no explanation that we went home to get our cameras right away.. And because the tree in question is on private property, asking the owner if we are allowed to photograph. That was no problem, so we back, and photographing from the car. Woodpeckers zijn namelijk schuwe vogels, en zoals vele vogels houden zij niet van een camera. By staying in the car and photographing from the car, we hope not to disturb the birds. We're talking here about the spotted Woodpecker. A bird smaller than I expected, also given the noise coming out of the nest. Father and mother Woodpecker do their best to provide the children with food, a beautiful sight! We'll check to see if the coast is clear before Mom or Dad plunges in. By the way, that's fast. Before you know it, they'll be gone.. The neatly round hole is big enough for mom and dad to slide through. It seems that the eggs have just hatched: the nest is well kept clean by the parents, and it seems that eggshells are being cleaned. It's hard work, such a nest full of children: Mom and Dad unload each other at a fast pace, and that sometimes means you have to wait for each other.... Hey, hurry up, I want to go in.! Yeah, I'm gonna.... (the picture is not sharp, the woodpecker was too fast!) Hey, hey, now I can get in.... The photo below is blurry, but indicates at what rate the parents pay off each other. ( My camera takes up to 60 photos per SECOND! ) One leaves, the other shoots up, into the nest. I've been told that in the nest there are 4 to 7 eggs, and so 4 to 7 young are now fighting for food. And again, a parent with an eggshell disappears, clearing up that mess! With a final cleanup picture I leave the nest for today. We will try to follow the nest, within three weeks the boy should fly out, we hope to be able to take a lot of pictures before that time.... Obviously, I don't reveal the place where we find this nest, we don't want to disturb the birds. The pictures are of course all taken by me with my Olympus OMD EM1-MRK 2, and not free to use. #naturephotography #spottedwoodpecker #nest #pretty #nognomed #thrilled #thrilledei