If you have secrets you want to share

you can trust me and lay your heart bare

we will sit together and talk all day

I'll listen because I really do care

If sometime you can't find a reason to smile

and even a little hope seems away a mile

even if all you seek is just a place soothing quiet

I'll sit beside and hold your hand for a while

If someday you don't feel that strong

everything seems to be taking too long

and life's pressures make you feel left out

I'll be there to remind you that you do belong

If your sky begins to fall down

and all you feel like doing is frown

you can give me the pain and set yourself free

I'll be someone on whom you can always count

If life gets harder each passing day

if all you wanna do is get away

I'll be your friend through the tides

with a promise which will never sway...

#poetry #amateurwriter #friendship 

I Will Be There