Positive corona-plan Social Distance, family artwork with BLOCKPOSTER


Positive Corona plan! Social Distance and still be busy together! Of course, this can also be done with the class, the work, the sports club...


No family gatherings, no birthdays. No visits to grandpa and grandma... Still, we want to do something with the family! We have come up with the following!

This coloring page, or any other you like (in jpg.) we have printed through BlockPoster - Yes. You can then print the coloring page in large format. We had printed the coloring page in 9 x A4 and then cut it into four (postcard format).

You can also choose to send the PDF pages digitally to the family, but we sent the pieces in envelopes to the family, asking them to colour them and send them back! I paste them on a plate, and so we have a family artwork from the 'Corona era' working together without being together!

This coloring page is from Love 2 , but you can find a lot of beautiful records via google.

Challenge - create a joint work of art

Take the initiative to create a collaborative work of art remotely! Do you share the image you choose here, and tag the group you challenge with it? And of course we are also very curious about the final results!