Potato omelette

#recipe Many times I saw my mother make potato omelette and I swear it was very good for her, in Spain it is what we call a quick meal to get out on the way, it also has few ingredients so it is economical and in circumstances where there is not enough money, because it is made potato omelette.
The ingredients:
Potatoes, I use about 4 large potatoes for 4 people
Eggs, about 3 or 4
Chorizo (optional)
Preparation: the potatoes are peeled and cut evenly, together with the onion, they are cooked, not fried, in enough oil (do not worry about putting it, because the oil is recycled), salt and pepper are added if it is your desire, once cooked they are strained and let the oil separate. While the eggs are beaten with salt, once beaten the potatoes are added to the egg, as the potatoes are hot, you will see that the egg begins to curdle, they are stirred very well, and with the pan spread with oil the preparation is placed, waiting for curdling on that side, once this happens it is turned over with the help of a dish to be cooked by the on the other hand, the chorizo is added to the potato stew if desired, once golden it is ready to eat
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