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Put a Child Up For Adoption

Welcoming your newborn into the world under the blue sky is one of the best moments on earth. It is a memory that stays with you for the rest of your lives. They never lied when they said children are blessings. For most couples, getting a child strengthens the bond and adds sparks to the love. It is unfortunate whenever that is not the case. Remember, as a child, losing your parents due to death, sickness, drugs, jail term, poverty, and so on does not mean the end of the world. A child deserves a second chance from all the uncertainties the world might throw at them. Many adopted kids grow up to appreciate the decision that was made to find them an alternative home and adopted parents.

What Is Child Adoption?

In a situation where a child cannot be raised by his/her birth parents or family, the responsibility can be transferred to another willing party through a social and legal process. An adopted child gets the opportunity to be guaranteed security, care, guidance, nurture, love, and permanency despite not being raised in their birth home. It is important to mention that the topic of child adoption comes out to people differently and often provokes a mixed reaction. Nonetheless, this process has proved to be so impactful as far as humanity is concerned. The most important thing is doing it right and following all the legal, social, psychological, and emotional requirements.

Reasons for Putting a Child Up For Adoption

Several reasons can deny a child the opportunity of being raised by their biological parents. in such situations, the kid can either be put in the child care system (foster care), be taken in by family and friends, or be put up for adoption. Let me list all the reasons that may lead to putting a child up for adoption down below, to allow you a quick peek. They include:

      • Death of parents
      • Early pregnancy
      • Financial instability
      • Sickness
      • Disabled parent
      • Unsound mind
      • Jailing of parents
      • Drug addiction

Legal Adoption

Finding a new home for an abandoned or misfortune child is a culture that has lived with us for ages. In war-torn communities in the ancient world, kings found themselves raising other royal orphans after killing their parents to take over their kingdom. Some raised the kids of their enemies like their own. Today, parents mention preferred guardians to their children in the will.

Whenever a child no longer has his/her birth parents and any pre-laid backup plan, putting them up for adoption is always the right thing to do. However, whenever the process does not follow the law, it can lead to many conflicts. Therefore, legal adoption legitimately transfers the rights, affiliations, and responsibilities of parenting from the biological family to the adoptive family. The process is permanent and an adoption certificate is issued to adopting parents to replace the child’s birth certificate.

Child Trafficking

One of the greatest challenges facing child adoption is child trafficking. Several reports show activities involving children being sold by their parents, guardians, adoptive parents, or infiltrated foster care systems for lucrative amounts of money. In as much as governments have put up measures to curb child trafficking, it is a challenge that remains to be completely solved.

How to Put a Child Up For Adoption

When you find yourself in a situation that requires you to put your child up for adoption, some procedures must be followed. Think of them as security measures that protect all the parties involved. In as much as the child no longer have the privilege of being raised by biological parents, he/she is still entitled to all the rights governing humanity. Below are the major four procedures that you need to follow when arranging an adoption for a child:

1. Make a Decision Together With Family

Before parting ways with a child, whether you are the biological parent or legal guardian, you have to come to an understanding with yourself, your partner, and any other involved party. For whatever reason you want to put your child up for adoption, you need to think the whole process through. Make sure it is what you want and that every decision made is right.

2. Find an Adoption Agency

After making a decision, the next thing should be finding the best adoption agency. Find an agency with a great record and one that is licensed by the government to handle child adoption. This is one of the most crucial procedures in the whole adoption process. Adoption agencies handle all the documentation and legalities of the process. The midwife the transition process of parenting the child put up for adoption.

3. Ensure the Adoptive Family Is a Good Fit

Once you have found a good adoption agency, organize with them to introduce you to potential adoptive parents. It is important to know the people who are going to spend the rest of their lives with your child. Remember, the kid will always remain genetically attached to you; therefore, it is normal to remain worried and keep caring for them. Take this opportunity to make sure the new home fits your child.

4. Give Consent

The adoption process is not a plain walk-through. It might take a while to find the right agency as well as adoptive parents. However, once you find everything you are looking for; you all need to formalize the process according to the law. As the biological parent or legal guardian at the time of adoption, you need to give consent to the transfer of parental rights to the adoptive parents. Once that is done, the child will now legally be a permanent member of the new family. The adoptive parents inherit all the rights, responsibilities, and all other values of a parent.


In summary, putting a child up for adoption is no longer an impossible process. With the help of professional adoption agencies, you can have the process done in days if not hours. However, it is advisable not to rush the process. If you are not in any kind of hurry, the process should be handled carefully to ensure the child finds the best home. Child adoption is a healthy process and it has notably saved many misfortune children from being homeless. #adoption #childadoption #fostercare #adopt

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