It does not matter what skin color you are. We all may experience some type of racism in our lives. I, for example have experienced it directly and indirectly.

I've heard people talk about my friends in a way they could've been talking about me.
Or I hear from my friends what racist thing their friend said to them about me, while they would never dare to mention it in front of me, for example.

But especially I've experienced it online, not said directly towards me. But towards people like me. Those comments are the ones that hurt the most. Why? Because there's nothing you can do to change someone's mind. You can't step out of your tiny laptop, into their room, shake them and tell them: "Wake up, look at me, I'm not evil! Don't hate me please".

I don't care if you hate me because of my personality, but don't hate me for something I'm born with. An organ I can't get rid of: my skin....

They say bad things about your "race", while in my opinion we are all the same race. They judge you before they know you. As an excuse they use three words: freedom of speech. I think it's horrible that someone can use their freedom of speech to hurt someone else.

Yes, we've created stereotypes, but not everyone is the same right? When corona happened, I thought: Goodness, not another virus. Yes. I think racism is one of the worst viruses to step foot on earth.

I see no color, I just see beautiful and ugly people. And with ugly, I mean the personality, not the looks.

Racism hurts way more than bullying. I always said to myself, if I could have a superpower, I would like to be able to eliminate all racism in the world. And nothing else.

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Did you ever experience racism? If yes, in what way?

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Did you ever experience racism?

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