Rainbow making of plywood and paints with glitter and fluorine paint

If you talk about the weather then of course there should also be a #regenboog at! Or do you want to do something in the theme Colors? And in certain stories from children's books, rainbows sometimes occur. That's what you read in the book of Grumping. Below is a nice informative blog about a rainbow and various craft ideas with it.

What do you need?

- Template rainbow You'll find it here.

- Triplex

- Figuresaw

- Creall Fluor paint

- Creall Glitter Paint

- Brush

- Pencil

- Fineliner

- possibly Creall Varnish

How are you?

1. Print the template. Put it on a piece of plywood. Draw it over/over.

2. Saw it out with a manual saw or an electric figure saw machine.

3. Set measuring points with a pencil for the rainbow lanes. You can also use the template and press through the paper.

4. Then draw the pencil lines with a fineliner.

5. Start by coloring the rainbow. I used Creall glitter paint and Creall fluoropaint for this. Of both, I don't have all the rainbow colors and in this way I do.

6. Your rainbow is ready! You can now finish it with Creall Varnish for protection






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Book tip: Look up rainbow.

A rainbow has 7 colors. For a rainbow, millions of drops of water are needed. And sometimes you see two rainbows.

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