The campaign team of Rehabilitation NL, which advocates the reopening of society, is two members poorer on Monday. Economists Barbara Baarsma and Coen Teulings have announced to leave the club. In identical terms they posted a summary message on LinkedIn Monday evening: “I was involved in restore-nl at the start as a part of. My role was to bring arguments based on facts and research for good policy. I will continue to play that role, but no longer at restore-nl." “From 23 February", Tuesday, they are no longer involved in the initiative, they write.

The website has not been adapted to this. Whether it was the broadcast of Sunday with Lubach that they both get out of it is not clear.

Last week, Restoration NL launched a plan to open the Netherlands again. Then we can go to the café, to school and to the shops. Just a matter of all 4 million vulnerable Dutch people locked up for a few months. The people behind Rehabilitation NL are not virologists or epidemiologists, but mainly economists. For Sunday with Lubach it is a breeze to make the proposals even to the ground.

Rehabilitation NL appears not to have the facts and figures in order. Coen Teulings, for example, is mistakenly convinced that corona is a kind of flu. “Not many people know that, but if you stop as CPB director, they take away all your calculators," Lubach grinds. “What he says is nonsense: there are many more deaths, and that is with lockdown. Without measures, it would have been much worse."