Rent your room


A simple game for indoor and easy for everyone to play is Room Renting. You can play it anywhere! All you need is a piece of checkered paper and 2 pens. Everyone will know this simple inner game! Haven't you ever heard of it? Then I'll explain.

How do you play Room Renting?

You play it with two people. Draw a square or rectangle as large as you want, the bigger the longer the game lasts. Player 1 puts the first dash between 2 vertices, randomly true. Player 2 also puts a dash there. The person who closes the box, puts his letter or other character (circle, cross, heart) in it. That room is now rented. As a reward, they can now put 2 dashes. After that, it's the turn of the other one.

Clearly, whoever rented the most rooms at the end is the winner.

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