Revelations in a time of fear

“A blind faith in authority is the greatest enemy of truth”

A special quote from Albert Einstein.There is no other time in the existence of mankind, in which it is as applicable as it is now.. The year 2020 will enter the history books asthe year of the “pandemic”or will it go into the books asthe year of “the biggest lie “?Perhaps even“the year of the great revelations”?

A week after the outbreak, I immediately saw certain things. From the body language of our ministers to repeating their (specific) statements. I discovered a pattern similar to that of pathological liars. After all, a pathological liar imposes a half-truth which then surrounds with his previous lies into a lie elevated to truth. One that can still be propped with new lies.To be honest, I have been researching myself for years and I have taught myself a lot. I've always been skeptical. Certainly also regarding my own findings!

When I first thought of narcissism and hoped for only the rise of the diesel engine called our “government”, it soon turned out to be a shabby engine. A kind of Ferari rushing to a new world at high speed. A world that does not consist of democratic and humanistic systems but a control society. All because of a killer virus??

The Corona Crisis is a monster that has put our society (and that almost anywhere in the world) into siege. Something that, of course, we all knew for a long time with the fake democracy in which we live...??“As makken sheep we were with the side for years, a bit whimper yet docile.” Now we have ended up in a world where you are either “waker” or “sleeping” and that creates a conflict. Dualism both among themselves and among many also within themselves. If you follow the narrative of our government, you have no choice but to follow the rules. Rules that are enforced without legal basis. That's a crime in itself. A crime against the people. And before you sputter about this first rebellious phrase in this blog, I will limit myself to repeating what is increasingly saying. Even in our second chamber there are finally politicians who wonder whether the course that has been set is the right one!?

Over the past few weeks, everyone had a chance to stay asleep. To be docile and to follow the advice. As the sound becomes louder and the demand for fair control of this crisis gives way to a”cry for freedom“or a”delusion cry for being able to see the partner in the nursing home“. The desperation of entrepreneurs watching their businesses break down can fewer and fewer people keep their heads pressed into the pillow. No more the head in the sand but to open up to what is happening right in front of our eyes.

Pulmonary doctor cautiously asks critical questions about this Crisis

This Dutch lung doctor expresses concern about the current coronary policy. In intelligible language in a very calm balanced manner, this lung doctor asks questions about how this global crisis is being resolved. And why we ended up in this crisis. No strange conspiracy like questions and theories but a sober Dutch look. Questions on which our government, provided that there are real reasons for the current policy, should also be able to answer fairly easily. It is significant that this doctor starts his vlog by saying that his message, and perhaps with it he himself, becomes “clattering”. That says a lot about our freedom!

How reliable is the news?

A YouTube video from 2016... not exactly something new?When you see what's going on completely with your eyes open, this video may not be interesting. “News” or “media” is the basis for the formation of public opinion. The injection needle theory! A healthy question we should ask ourselves is “How reliable is the news?” Watch the table conversation and ask yourself the question. “Do you blindly trust the news?”

'We live in a state of investment'

Kees van der Pijl and Karel van Wolferen who can really be seen as learned wise men, talk about the state of martial law in which we currently find ourselves with the “intelligent lockdown”. This episode is perhaps one of the most pronounced of the series of vlogs, all of which are interesting in the timeline from the outbreak to the current situation. Especially because you notice how the gentlemen have formed their vision and how, by reading themselves well, they come up with concrete explanations of what the “truth” is.

A War Already Lost #2 .13: Unity makes power

Fighting for rights... how appropriate is this task for Mr. in Law; Sven Hulleman. A typical type but again no cock of rose water. No rebellious provo with unwashed hair. A man with a clear story. Someone who definitely had to lose. Someone who, with his partnership and achievements, could simply sit out of this crisis. Or does he see the real danger??Sven Hulleman makes a series of vlogs under the heading “A War Already Lost” in which he pleads for the protection of our rights. Confronting, awareness-raising and perhaps also stimulating but especially supportive from his knowledge. “To protect our rights“.

Are we waking up?

I'd give it to anyone. And when that happens following these or other blogs... When it comes about through your own quest... through what is to be seen through social media (along the censorship). Probably already had the feeling that too much is wrong. That what you're taking to you now helps you wake up?That's why the question... and a smaller group of people have been asking that question for years! “Are we waking up?

Everyone can choose how to deal with everything you understand or feel about it when you actually see what is happening to us. What situation we have actually ended up in worldwide. Do you realize that the “good guys” can only win if we deal with this situation with love. Whether you stay docile, watch, or if you wind up and even resist. Realize that there are also a large proportion of policymakers and enforcers who “sleep”. Who do not realize what state we are in. Aren't you out yet?Then go out on your own research!

Search through the censor free search engine Duck Duck Go just once on terms like “WHO Gates”, Gates vaccine India”, Ab Oosterhaus unmasked”, “Gates RIVM”. It's just a part of everything that was hidden before.