When you see the beautiful cover of Coulis by Bilal Al Mashta, you initially expect to read a cookbook, but while reading, you will soon discover that it contains no recipes, but here and there you will roughly describe how a dish is made. It is therefore advisable to eat first before starting this book, because you often get hungry and want to try the dishes and delicacies mentioned, such as baklava. The title makes you curious about the book. It's nice that you can view the title in various ways.
In Bilal Al Mashta's Coulis, a man in his mother's kitchen gets what he thinks is a great idea. He decides to organize a catering for a wedding. And not just any wedding, not a wedding for poor people, but for a wealthy couple. He asks an acquaintance to finance him and seeks help, which he finds in an old friend of his, who still has strange traits, and a troubled adolescent sent from the Netherlands. The question is whether he will manage to organize a catering for the wedding of two wealthy people.

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Review: Coulis by Bilal Al Mashta