Review sustainable products...

In my search for sustainable and ecologically sound, I sometimes judge companies and their products. For example, I recently ended up on the website of Eco-Demands ( )

Their promising introduction to their page did me a bit... and I quote...

About Eco-Demands

Plastic is one of the biggest environmental problems. The seas, oceans and landfills are full of them, and it takes over 200 years for plastic to disappear.
We at Eco-Demands want to change this. Do you join?
The natural, sustainable and environmentally friendly products in our webshop can make a big difference.
Store your plastic products and replace them with durable variants!
We obtain our products from various ecological suppliers all over the world.
This way we can make our assortment as wide as possible.

With this beautiful thought in mind, I decided to place an order...
I went for the eco cotton swabs and the eco lunchbox.


After checkout I received a polite email with information about the delivery time and their method.

A few weeks later, I got a package. A cardboard box that was completely wrapped with transparent tape. I even had to pick up some tools to get the package open. In it were the ecological cotton swabs, neatly and neatly packed. I couldn't figure out what country they were shipped from. But the cotton buds themselves are of good quality and their environmentally friendly packaging is ok, which unfortunately cannot be said of their shipping packaging.

Two days later I received the second part of my order... The eco lunchbox. This one was packed in a black plastic package and shipped from China. When I removed the black plastic, I saw bubble plastic and various kinds of tape... a lot of bubble plastic and a lot of tape!!! The small ecological box was packed in 3 layers of bubbles and well held together with quite a lot of tape (transparent and brown). As soon as I took all this off, I found the box wrapped in a plastic casing. So my disappointment was quite big at seeing all this packaging material...


The lunchbox itself looks pretty okay even though I can't read what is on the cardboard label because that is in Chinese and this lunchbox seems to me to have a full lunch in it.


Even though the products are ecological, their packaging and shipping policy urgently needs to be revised because in this way a lot of unnecessary plastic ends up in nature and two transports were needed to get my order to me. So I am very disappointed!