Review: The death knell for blue by Gerard Mak

When you see the beautiful cover of The Death Scare for Blue by Gerard Mak, you want to know who or what should stop. It also seems like someone is drowning and you wonder what happened if that is the case. The title makes you curious, you want to know exactly what it means, even if you have an idea. The subtitle speaks for itself, you immediately know what to expect. The stories can be read separately, you can decide which story to start with and which story to read next, but it is advisable to save the last story for last, because it was not without reason that it was last saved in this book. It is advisable to keep a box of tissues handy, as it contains many emotional moments, such as the death of a wife of a couple.
Gerard Mak's death knell for blue is a collection of true police stories. Sem and Frits are two old hands in the business and have experienced a lot over the years. They have a blue heart, but the question is how long they will have it for.

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