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Robbie Nevil Most Beautiful Song

The Forgotten Song of Robbie Nevil


Robbie Nevil, actually Robert S. Nevil is a American singer songwriter, guitarist and a producer of many songs of famous music artists. I watched the movie Cocktail in 1988, starring the handsome actor Tom Cruise. When I watch films, the music always comes to me and often lingers longer than the film, apart from the fact that I loved the film.

But there was one song that always stayed with me and strangely enough, it is not mentioned in Robbie Nevil's discography. The song is called Since when. Wonderful! It is one of the sexiest songs I know. I often play it several times in a row. When I hear the song, it also reminds me a bit of the style in the line of Prince. Robbie had several singles of which C'est La Vie reached the second spot of the charts in 1986. This was followed by two more singles in 1987, Dominoes and Wot's It to Ya. And from 1988 to 1996 several more singles, but strangely enough, Since when was not one of them mentioned.

As a child Robbie already played the guitar and he played in several bands. Robbie wrote his own songs in 1983 and went on to write songs for The Pointer Sisters, Earth, Wind & Fire, Alison Moyet and ElDeBarge, among others. And from the 1990s he also produced for groups such as Destiny's Child and Babyface. In 2006, he co-wrote with Matthew Gerrard for several productions, such as High School Musical, Hannah Montana.



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